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  1. ● What's your IGN? Zounclash ● How old are you? 20 ● Where are you from? BD ● What's your total playtime? 1424 ● What do you enjoy doing in the game? Everything ● Would you like to offer some kind of service to the guild? (ex. Daycare service) i can provide lvlup service when i'm free (if not, it's totally alright!) And the most important question of them all: Which Bidoof Form do you like the most? -Suidoof, Endoof or Raidoof? Endoof
  2. you have won the auction gz pm me in game or discord:ahnaf#2779
  3. Starting offer : 1m -Minimum raise : 100k -Starts after first bid -Ends in 48hours after the start -No Insta ACCEPTED PAYMENT METHODS : PokeDollars - Coin Capsule = 380,000 - IV Reroll Ticket = 500,000
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