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  1. send me a msg in discord whenever u online. Ceroo#2852
  2. In-game name: Ceroo Server: Silver Pokemon ID: 40315296 Please de-level my chansey. Thank you
  3. I can't change back the game resolution to my default fullscreen which is 1366x768. Yesterday i tried to change resolution just to see what they looks like. I tried every resolution but when i want to change back to 1366x768, the option is lost and only 1280x720 max. it hurt my eyes to see 1280x720 in my fullscreen. i tried to reload the game, download a new one but nothing works. is there any solution?
  4. Ign : Ceroo Hours played : 500+ hours my fav poke is Entei ;) I'm from Indonesia and 24 y.o :)) im playing on silver.
  5. Hi, im interested to join the fam. IGN : Ceroo i dont remember exactly how much hour i play, but its around 500hours. My goal? im looking for more friends to have fun :))
  6. So, I borrowed my friend's pokemon which is a smeargle for 30 days. Yesterday I decide to click send back, and there is a pop up saying that the pokemon has returned. But today my friend told me she never received her smeargle back, when I check her storage there is no smeargle that I borrowed, as well as in my storage too there are no smeargle. Can this case get solved? because she love her smeargle and i feel bad this happen because of me -_- Unfortunately, both of us don't have the screenshot/id of the smeargle. This is our ID, Smeargle's owner: Nagisara (silver) borrower: Ceroo (Sil
  7. INSTA by Kasbarinoo. Will post Screenshot after finishing the trade.
  8. Starting Price: 800k Insta: 1.6m Minimum Raise: 100k Payment: Cash only. The auction will start 48 hours from the first bid.
  9. Ceroo

    George boss

    so I need to catch one first?
  10. Ceroo

    George boss

    I have finished the legendary beast quest recently, but still not catching one sadly. but that means I already met the requirement for fighting boss George right? according to prowiki "if you have completed the Legendary Beasts quest, he will assent your entry to his cell on your pretext of an "urgent" visitation you want to make to him". but when I talk to warden Noisia, he didn't let me go in. I also attach ss. Need some enlightenment ty.
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