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  1. Can you help me Restoration my pokemon Username: Kien0810 Server: gold Pokémon name: Sharpedo Other: released by accident Pokémon ID: 48783658 Information: Sharperdo lvl 100, h.a, 31 speed, nature Jolly
  2. You were offline due to work, why dont you choose the highest price to ensure fairness ?
  3. In-game name: Kien0810 Server: Gold Pokemon ID : 35035753 ( Horsea ) I accidentally leveled my Horsea to 100 and need it deleveled! Please help me!
  4. Deleveled request Ingame: Kien0810 Server: Gold Pokemon ID: 33440138 (wynaut) and 34368023 (abra) I accidentally leveled my wynaut and abra lvl 100 and i need them deleveled. Please help me! Tks
  5. Delevel request In-game name: kien0810 Server: Gold Pokemon ID: 34478689 and 34700620 I accidentally leveled my 2 ferroseed lv100 and i need them deleveled! Please help me!
  6. Hi, i think u should change spawn of excavation.
  7. Delever Ingame: Kien0810 Sever: Gold Pokemon ID: 33126853 ( Why i cant evol Piloswine, i learned Aicient power)
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