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  1. there is a lag point exact on there whenever pass from there game lags a little for seconds, its happening to another people to. another thing i want u to know is when game sound off, leaving fuchsia pokecenter, game makes a glitch noise these not important things but still bugs i think have a good day
  2. i didnt understand, cauz of my english i think mega scizor is tech, so a ha scizor turns into mega, becomes tech scizor even with more atk n def stats and can use curse..
  3. its better to have uu tier seperated from ou. switching random battles is fine, but ou and uu totally different. also pro different from showdown, like we have mega metagros in ou here, also slowbro is ru tier, so its playable in uu, but for pro we all know slowbro is ou. so my opinion is having different battle tiers makes us need categorizing all the pokemons by tiers. need hardworking, and very hard to make stable balance between them. so if categorizing will happen, i think its better to categorize pokes special for pokemon 'revolution'. because poke world still use the old tier system. they categorized first tiers like with the most used pokemons, overused. but in pro we can see many uu or nu pokes in monthly most used pokemons list in pro. pro can have, for example a class is the pvp we play now, and there can be b class pokes, which has less damage or bulkines or way to attack or defend etc.
  4. mega is tech anyway, i wonder why mega allowed with curse
  5. https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/187888-seeing-live-stats-of-pokes/
  6. maybe block it for ditto only?
  7. yes people switch to steel usually
  8. rhev

    Turn count

    yeah i sometimes lose just cause of this and there is some errors on those, for example tailwind, should be activated after the turn its used, and remain 4 turns. but in here it counts the turn it used in and remains 3 turns. at least as a start, all the turn limited moves can be shown with different color in battle log
  9. rhev


    sorry i missed to reply this post here some infos about those as you see, beat up move should affected by kings rock and fling move should have secondary efects on those items and power should depend items
  10. removing that notification in pm window would be cool
  11. being avaible to link mega form when its on would be cool
  12. being avaible to see pokemons live stats, boosted atks or speed etc or lowered would be cool
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