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  1. Hello, the fishing contest is a very pleasant novelty, thanks to you for this contribution, as for the thing that could be done to improve the system, is that - 1h30 of contest is much too long (in my opinion) especially compared to the reward obtained, (which remains correct for a time of 45 min for example) - the berries are not really considered as a reward for most of the players, indeed few of them have a real utility, and are for the most part unsellable - the rewards become really attractive from the top 3, which is a pity because, considering the 1h30 of farm, it is very difficult to reach it, generally the top 3 will be occupied by someone having found a shiny or a pokemon godly ; something which is very very difficult to obtain in 1h30 of time - in relation to these cosmetics, I would have rather suggested that it be obtainable for the top 5 of the fishing contest, and if possible with a different percentage for each place for example: 10%: 1st / 7.5%: 2nd/ 5%: 3rd/ 3%: 4th/ 1%: 5th -The form of keldeo should have been obtainable by all the participants of the fishing contest, we speak nevertheless about a form event of a legendary pokemon, if that does not go in your direction, then to reduce the requirement has this form, to offer it to the top 10 will be much more pleasant, because as said above, 1h30 of contest is too long and the chance to finish in the top 3 is tiny... - When the spawn, I would suggest to remove a pokemon t1 from the zone, there are still a lot of pokemon in this zone ... After 1h30 of farm I didn't meet a single basculin (I don't think I'm the only one in this case, but I'll give you that, it's the RNG's fault), I also find that the pokemon alomomola doesn't give enough points knowing that it's rather rare, to be playable it must have its hidden ability : regenerator ... I'm not sure if it's a good idea to use a bms or not, but I think it's a good idea to increase the points obtained for this pokemon, because the winners of the finshing were only basculin or whishiwashi .., - to summarize the "big" problems according to me are : The time too long The rewards such as cosmetic and the form of keldeo which should be obtainable from a top 5- top10 -I'd like to see a new spawn and the points obtained for some pokemons (mainly alomomola). I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my message, and wish you good luck for the future, with additions of this kind, the game is on the right track, hoping for more and more features of this kind this kind of addition makes the MMO aspect of the game more important, is what we community are looking for in the end , thanks again ^^
  2. hello,, no precision is made on the fact if you accept the cc/rr ..... I offer 5m
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