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  1. -1 cuz megas and ash greninja are totally different
  2. So 500k Insta 3m Min raise 100k Accept cc rr and rc and nature rr 2days auction If someone is from silver and wants it needs to come gold gl
  3. Can I add some coin shop items which will make 1.6m plsssssssss
  4. And I think I already won cuz I wrote insta at up too :))))))
  5. No o request dear staffs to tell who is the winner
  6. Till then bro pls don't sell it
  7. Pls tell who win according to me 30seconds were left there
  8. I bidded 30sec earlier dear staffs pls tell who is winner
  9. Hi I will insta if u come gold pls
  10. Pls don't bid more pls xd I want this charmander 800k by me pls I say pls
  11. lol i wont let u win easily 750k by me :v XD
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