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  1. Asking for a friend who is running a 32bit OS - how easy would it be to make a 32 bit version of this app? Or is there some sort of way to make it compatible?
  2. NAME CHANGE Username: Pietie New Username: dos3d Server to charge the money from: Silver
  3. Haven't been in Cerulean Cave in a while, but what I mean is that moves like gunk shot were going first, despite feint have priority.
  4. Hi there. It seems you cannot jump down this ledge anymore to access the dig spots. Could someone please look into this?
  5. You sure you didn't pop a mini ms medallion?
  6. Name of move/ability: Feint What is missing/bugged: Feint is supposed to be +2 priority, however I have had multiple instances where pokemon in Cerulean Cave ignore the priority.
  7. It literally just counts encounters, of course it is.
  8. dos3d


    The servers are locked while fixes are being made to the new update of the game. You'll need to download the newest client as soon as it is released.
  9. +1 Maybe also have search criteria actually give results when you don't type out the pokemon's full name as well?
  10. Hi all. Please could we have an area where we could buy pokeballs? It's very annoying to not be able to buy here when the area is essentially made for obtaining rare pokemon. Many thanks.
  11. Hi all. Hope you are well! Just wanted to add a suggestion to maybe allow mouse key mapping in PRO? For example, if I want to bind my item in my action bar to mouse 4 or mouse 5. Thanks!
  12. Hi y'all. Would you mind giving me some prices for the following pokemon?
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