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  1. This item is only obtainable via Suspicious bot, which activates membership for 3 days. This is really helpful for hunting stuff (same duration as black ms), wq and also battle boss which requires MS. Base on its duration this mini MS should cost around 10 coins. Hopefully this one get implemented ^^
  2. Buy Mienshao Zoroak Gengar Garchomp
  3. I’m waiting in gold, msg me on discord : Ninoo#3343
  4. Hi, this is mainly about battle rework. Things like rain/sun/hail doesn't have specific turn showed on the screen/battle log. I see this as a crucial feature for PvPer. Sometimes i miss counted about Perish Song turn as well, and both pokemon fainted. Hope this get implemented in order to experience better match in the future. Also, veil/reflect/light screen, and so on...
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