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  1. Mostly to a radio Coretime fm or some Deathcore
  2. Bc Staff is doing Maintance
  3. Yeah i do but the fight vs Pluton was kinda hard also vs Giratania but yeah :D it was atleast a challenge vs the first 3 regions ^^
  4. Hey there, So yeah i didnt saw this subforum here so it's a bit late for me to introuduce myself ? But im gonna do it anyway. I started 2020/07/27 my jorney on PRO so far and yesterday i finished Sinnoh. Im mostly going for Shinyhunt what i think will be a bit of a pain but yeah with 8192 rate :P Short story about myself, im 24 yr. old rn working as a bricklayer living in Austria(so my main lang. is german) i love to draw and yeah thats the most of it :) ? Maybe we see us sometime ingame on Gold server
  5. Hey there, kinda tried to add both of the names none worked so far so ill post you my Discord name in here :) Luchsita#2550 Short bout me : Age 24 Playtime kinda short ? 1 day or so wanna go PvE / Shiny hunt :) Cheers
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