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  1. okay wait let me send u friend request
  2. when u login the PRO any server u can see that there r 6 boxes in downside near ur bag with those 6 boxes there is an circle arrow just keep ur curser on it u will see it is an resync and in login screen it shows the same but u can't see the arrow in login screen.
  3. Hello my dear friend!! 1030k that is 1m 30k for all region but my friend my hand is full now if u can wait for 1 month it will be great then cuz I have to do 5 acc for story service with full 4 region. Thank You!!!
  4. Bro can I get service for 4 gyms? Pls DM me in discord:𝔅eat𝔎ing 𝔒jasvi𝔖harma己6#0209
  5. Sry cuz I changed my tag go and see my new tag here only
  6. Hello! I give story service that means I complete regions for other users if you are intrested so please DM me or in discord discord tag: 𝔅eat𝔎ing 𝔒jasvi𝔖harma26#0209 Price will not go less KANTO: $150 JOHTO:$200 HOENN:$300 SINNOH:$380 Thank You
  7. Hello! If you are finding a person who can help your pokemon to level up fast so you are at the right place. Yea If you want level service so I can help you. If you are intrested so please share your pokemon information to me so that I can see how much money will be required for it. Also if your pokemon is tank so it will required more mney and time. DM me here or on discord!!! Tank: approx $80,000 Sweeper: approx $60,000 Thank You, for viewing this shop. Discord tag: 𝔅eat𝔎ing 𝔒jasvi𝔖harma26#0209 InGame: ojasvisharma26
  8. till how many time? how much time it will take to complete?
  9. ok but why we are not able to open game?
  10. hello guys, OJASVI here when are new regions are coming in pokemon revolution online plz tell?
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