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  1. in terms of ivs, i'm almost certain it's the best. and in terms of blaze, i've not had it activated in the many games i've played with it and this delphox outspeeds any pokemon that has a base stat of 102 and below, regardless of their iv and nature etc, and there are no notable matchups from 104 and 103 base speed, saying it needs max speed is purely just elitist and wouldn't actually give a gain in pvp. and the correction i asked for was just someone having better ivs not for you to say why you think x thing isn't good
  2. Pokemon/Item being auctioned: 3x31 1x28 1x16 HA Delphox Starting price/point: 5m Ending point: 48 hours after first bid Insta Price: 10m Available payments: CC = 380k Minimum raise: 100k I genuinely believe this is the best delphox in the server, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. 31 spatk, 31 spdef, 31 def, 28 speed and 16 hp. Great investment for anyone that loves collecting godlike pokemon or anyone that wants to be the best in pvp.
  3. restarted auc after it failed, bump !
  4. auc failed please close
  5. ° what can you contribute to Eternity? I have a burning desire to be renowned as a great pvper, and general player of PRO, and along the steps of the way I want to help as many people as I can that are also helping me. I am a highranked player on sword/shield and showdown, and I'd like to translate that to this game when I have the team. I can boost the guild's pvp rating and help hunt for things people need, I play an absurd amount of hours daily. ° what is your real life and ingame name? Charlie, Stuck ° how old are you and where are you from? 20, England ° discord tag? how often
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