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  1. Username: Pinklax Server: Gold Country/Timezone: France / GMT+2
  2. nevermind so i changed it
  3. +1 everything is said here
  4. I agree with Cosanostra, not only about IVS but you know how submit pokemon work I dont know how could you think it will be a good idea to make 39 round trip between pokecenter and mysterious cultist. Im sorry but put a wq bidoof who need almost 200 bidoofs its already a joke but when you know how the submiting system work its literaly a non sens to do this. I think the compensation for the failure of the first WQ is a succes 0 player got the compensation, I think it was bugged or realy well balanced
  5. Event form: Halloween Time investment: Around 4 Hours Possibly interest to join staff either as Pixel Artist or Coin Shop icon creator: Yes Graphic: Batlucha
  6. Hello, I want to buy ev and xp service for 5 pokes my ign : Pinklax discord : FiNaLRuSh#6010
  7. since we can flex our OT this is my Epic OT collection : We can remove some pokemon including event/shiny that are not all really epic the regular pokemon are all epic with hidden power when its needed and also 31 speed when its needed to ofc we can add 7 more Pokémons from my alt account (doing some sticky pvp) as a regular alone Gold player and i know someone who have more ot epic than me don't underestimate the gold server ^^
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