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  1. - Froakie - Chansey - Porygon2
  2. @Ehkoe could u trade force since i cant be online for the next few days and the buyer hasnt contacted me, thnx in advance and i apologize if i shouldn't tag u.
  3. Auction won by @Esdeath4401 , contact me on discord so we can meet
  4. Noted, auction ends may 4 at 5:13pm gmt+2
  5. I insta the shiny char for 120m, pm me here or on discord so we can meet
  6. My bid was not valid since the seller doesn’t accept cc. My bad
  7. noted. auction ends 4:51pm april 7 gmt+1
  8. Im auctioning this 31/31 Jolly Lucario. Auction won by Mattegray.
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