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  1. No, just this one is for now.
  2. It seems that no one intrested to buy So now I decide to close this thread. Can be closed By staff.
  3. It's really So Annoying to battle with the same person again and again in a row. +1 from me !!!
  4. . Price : 2.8m Price : 3m Payment : Pokedollars Iv rerolls : 750k Nature rerolls : 350k Coin Capsule: 380k Pokes Are in Silver Server But Can come To Gold. Contact: Ign : Sakshii Discord: Ivvyy#5189
  5. Hi I want to buy careful Drilburr and careful Scyther. Dm me on discord : Ivvyy#5189
  6. Pokemon Shop Hello, Welcome to My Pokemon Shop. Here I AM Selling Some of My Pokemon. Yes All are PvP Ready Pokemons. If You intrested in any poke then u Can reply this post Below or contact me ign or via discord. ACCEPT METHOD : - Coin Capsule : 380k - IV Reroll : 750k - Nature Reroll : 350k - Rare Candies : 8k each Contact : IGN : Sakshii Discord : Sakshii#5189 ****************************************************************************************************************************** Godly Pokemons Price: 1m+ Price : 100k - 1m THANK YOU !!
  7. Hi, I want to Join Your Guild. My ign: Sakshii Discord : Sakshii#5189 Gameplay Hours : 260+ h I do pvp but Still need to learn many things. I can easily earn 150+ rating.
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