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  1. Hi, what would you like to ask or buy?
  2. My guild intend to make a clone account to hold Guild's donation in one place. Will that account be banned if multiple user login? Or will it be banned for RMT suspect? Thank you in advance!
  3. I think you should go for SPD and ATK base on his stats. EV reset berries you can farm in Battle Tower in Route 14 in Kanto (it's near Vermillion City), Viridian Forest Maze (you would be surprise how much you can farm there, remember to bring Pokémon with Flash learned) My personal suggestion: unless you only go for PVE, I suggest you find another one with Jolly nature for Charizard X, Timid nature for Charizard Y for PvP purpose. Have fun!
  4. I have been living among the British for 3 years now and I can say that the word Prick isn't an insult word. It was actually a "love" curse to say. I never feel being insulted by that word under any circumstances and it is 100% differ from the word [sausage]. Picture shows a small petition to see if prick is a swear word with nearly 70% choose No. I sometimes use the word Prick to my friend too and I don't want to be banned like @666G0D999did before. My suggestion is unless it is obvious curse like "F*ck,", the word should be discuss with the player, on what context is he/she using and why he/she uses it, with obvious screenshot so he/she can explain for him/herself because base on the language and context, it could be something else (sometimes I don't even remember what I said in the past)
  5. I want to buy 1CC or 1 MS 60 days for 380k because the donation is down.
  6. Thank you for your reply to the problem Qeight but still I have something to add to your opinion. Thanks for this detail experience you have made. I can see that the percentage is different in the same tier 8 but compare it to Tier 9, it still higher, which means there are different in time investing hunting it. I have also run hours of hunting and I have also make a small test by myself if a tier 7 is harder to find then tier 6 (just for fun though) but it turns out that it does. After 2 hours in each site of hunting Gligar in Dragon Den B1F and Route 45, the box of hunting on Dragon Den B1F is always LESS than on Route 45 by 2-5. Which does impact the time to invest in hunting them and the amount of having them. I have only done this once to twice so it is definitely not as detailed proof as yours, if possible can I have more number on Tier different by 1 so that I have different thought on it? It does impact as a hunter himself/herself. I would always choose the hunting ground with lower tier to hunt because for my spirit site I always want to hunt more in much less time. Pokémon hunting is all about luck on IVs different so it is always the best option to invest less time with more pokes gather, to see how luck leads and how our work is worth the investment. More one this: some players are lazy to hunt for a tier 8-9 Pokes so they decice to buy one for Dex. If this is the case, a trash tier 6 will now have the same price as trash tier 8-9? I don't think it will be fair for the time being invest though. A more detailed rarity should be considered because that what makes the Pokes valuable and their price If too much rarity is the case then I would highly suggest my opinion as follow: Instead of just combining all in to 3 large category of rarity, I would suggest to combine Tier 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8 and 9 into Abundent, Common, Uncommon, etc. I don't and can't decide this. But this is also a less time investing for you and easier for hunter/seller like me to calculate each Pokemon price (so win - win) Synchronized the tier of all Pokémon (For example: all Gible is tier 8 except in Safari tier 7 for MS user going along with other high-tier Pokes like Scyther, Pinsir so that the rates is still high but not to high that it makes the Pokemon lost it value). I learn this by hunting in Sinnoh where Meditite, Swablu, Scyther is there at the same time. It's hard to get one specific but they have all the same sync use and it is really fun to hunt there, you don't know when will you have an epic one. Of course this is all my suggestion, you can decide to follow it or not is up to the dev team, but I hope you really consider, if it is possible. This is my personal comment. If you don't want anyone to attack or insult you, please be the pioneer. Treat them with kindness instead of going with them and saying that they are stupid. They are just toxic player and they always are, in every MMO. Appointing them as stupid doesn't ease thing down at all, but only to put more gas in the fire. About not paying attention to opinion, I personally does feel like you and some Game Master doesn't care about our opinion because I hardly see any response or action from you guys about the community idea. I have been through a lot of comment on the forum and my advice, and I think maybe for a majority of players, if you already read a comment or advice, just simply give it a Thanks reaction as a thank you for their advice, or a small reply is good enough, as to show them that you have already read it and might consider it (I don't think it would cost alot of time since you already have time to read it). It is what the reactions are for, am I correct? We are players and when we spend our time giving our advice to you, that mean we do care about the game and its improvement. We are just like you guys, love the Pokemon concept and want to contribute to it. That's why we, like I did, make donation to keep it alive and also for you game master to have inspiration to continue with the hard work. We thank you for your work but also we really appreciate and looking for your action to show that you do care about our comment. Finally, thank you for your time making a clarification on the spawn rate again. Have a good day / night. Kind regards, Nhocsake
  7. I have read both Qeight and Haneroze and must agree with Haneroze idea on Rarity tier. I think it would be best to keep the tier as 1-9 as before, since it has better estimation and better view for player to try there luck at the hunting ground. Tier 8 would definitely harder to find then tier 7 and easier than tier 9 which is already a really good system for player to understand their values. When combining it into simple "Common", "Uncommon", when selling those Pokemon, it's hard for the seller, or buyer to estimate their price at best to sell them: For example (this is base on before the update tier because I don't remember all the new tier): selling a Gligar tier 7 would definitely be cheaper than selling a Gible tier 8. If we just combined it in to one simple tier Rare, how can we now estimate it's price on the market, both as seller and buyer. I don't know how other sellers set their price but for me, I always set them in a consideration of their tier in the wild and their availability in PVP. So after this update in game and on Reborn. I was really confused on how to set up my price and have to look back on prowiki to estimate their rarity and calculate it. Every other update is cool by me also with spawn rarity update, but this new estimate rarity system is the most confusing thing I have ever seen. It is definitely a step back. Hope you reconsider this!
  8. The fixing is done. Don't know if it's happening again. Feel free to ask me to provide the photos if missing
  9. Let me fix it real quick. Thanks for noticing me
  10. Looking for a pvp ready or untrainded Timburr/Conkeldurr adamant guts. Budget 3m
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