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  1. Got nothing in this summer event only a trash shiny (sorry for using trash )
  2. Well I didn't got any summer form till now XD lucky people
  3. I have a milostic 100lvl 80k for ur sinnoh story
  4. Hey mate. What is ur regular price for both services?
  5. Buying many trash Pokemons the list wtb Hippopatas crogunk shieldon craindos metang deino spoink larvitar bagon deino axew murkrow burmy stinky bonsty purrlain Munna pidove contmee sandile petil darumaka fonguss litwick cubchoo scattersbug gogoat All 5k pm me Here Discord Sanidhya#2754 Or ig Sanidhya Thanks
  6. I have encountered latios and latias before I had 210 evolution and full dex and fought requaza also before the quest so what should I do now?
  7. Hello While doing jirachi quest i got 210 evo and all data of kanto , johto , hoeno, including celebi and mew. But I fought latios and latias. Before the quest begin And fought mega requaza and 3 Regis . Should go to fight grodon and kyogye?
  8. Bump for mod No replies from the shop keeper since a long time...........
  9. Hello I want to sell my cokeldurr Auction start- 70k proboris No insta 2 days - 48hours left Pm me here, Discord Sanidhya#2754 Ig- Sanidhya Thanks
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