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  1. I know all the PvP Wings , Cloths and other accessories aren't tradable. Yeah they were tradable but only for 24 hours when they were released but just like PvE all PvP Accessories should also be tradable.If that can't happen then just like Some PvP Mounts are tradable for 1 month could happen, It will be same but it should be tradable. Just my Opinion , I respect someone else opinion on this. Thanks Sanidhya
  2. -1 Kyurem-B is very weak from steel types Metagross and other steel types can easily kill it , just need to have good skills to kill it It's a really good wall breaker which was somewhat needed in pro That should be unban before metagross gets a ban ever
  3. If that happens then all the mon who could 1 shot will prevent it and there will be no fun in playing then , focus slash was made to prevent that only And as you talking about stall games 90% of pro players don't know how to break it but there are some mons who could break it such as rain mons but it cannot be prevented This will be no fun as you thinking like that Thanks
  4. 1- Get rid of most one shot Are you serious about it? PvP makes a person to improve more and more With this suggestion no need to struggle to learn how to play If you want fun do randoms Thanks Sanidhya
  5. Auction C.O 800k Min bid 100k Insta 2m Ends After 2 days after the first bid Payment Accepted: Cc: 400k Rerolls: 700k Rare candy 7k Nature reroll: 350k Ty And Gl
  6. If i bid and win will you transfer to gold?
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