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  1. Hello, So i claimed my lord bidoof reward the other day when i got back from vacation. I received a mysterious ticket and a reroll. However for some reason once i entered the pokemon centre my mysteryouse ticket went missing without me being able to even use it. The reroll worked fine and i did use the reroll on my heatran. Please help me.. kind regards, Kadocado gold server
  2. so i have bought this serperior from an individual. once i started using him in pvp i got outspeeded by a mega medicham. which should be impossible because my serperior is 357 speed at timid 31 speed. he used ice punch and i looked it up even at max speed a mega medicham should have 328 speed and not more then this. i don't know if my pokemon is bugged? because something weird happened when i was leveling him up as a snivy. past lvl 95 every lvl i gained showed lvl 96 when i killed him, but in my party on the top left kept appearing as a lvl 95. because of this i was also forced to use rare candies instead. please respond as soon as possible kind regards, Kadocado Gold server
  3. Thefriend92 paid the money and the transfer went trough. thanks everyone for bidding!
  4. auction closes TheFriend92 won for 2.2m! message me to set up the trade.
  5. Hey there wanna sell my epic JOLLY Meditite S.o 1m Insta 3m5 Cc=360k/each 24 hours after first bid Min bid is 200k Ty n HF :^)
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