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  1. hey, I'll buy these two little dudes
  2. Dragonite, Porygon, Dratini and Yamask sold.
  3. Updated the shop, all prices lowered!! Rotom x2, Excadrill x2, Azumarill, Tangrowth, Heracross x2, Dragonite, Ferroseed, Pupitar sold.
  4. Hey, I'd like to buy these. my name is Deita in game, Deita#0246 on discord. Thanks
  5. 1.5m Start, 4m Insta 48 Hrs, 100k Raise RR = 700k, CC = 400k
  6. Hey sorry I haven't updated my shop in a while. This is the last scizor I have available at the moment.
  7. Gallade, Rotom, Gengar x2, Dragonite x2, Scizor, Charizard, Eevee x2, Wobbuffet, Bastiodon, Tyranitar x3, Darmanitan, Clefable x2, Milotic, Serperior, Bisharp x3, Salamence, Excadrill x2, Garchomp, Tangrowth, Volcarona, Nidoran, Dratini x3, Scyther, Axew x3, Drilbur, Togepi, Litwick sold.
  8. Hi, I can reduce the price by 200k. So 800k total.
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