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  1. @Qwertykei wins message me when u are avaliable
  2. C.O. 1.25m by Qwertykei 14 hours remaining
  3. S.O. 1m C.O. 1.25m by Qwertykei 14 hours remaining (ending 5:37 am EST) insta 6m 250k min bid auction will last 24 hours after the first bid will accept CC for the price of 400k each
  4. -1 ranked pvp is competitive for a reason, people are going to play what wins games. If you play something fun but you know that it can lose you the game you gotta just know the risks of doing it. In any ranked game outside of pokemon you gotta follow the meta to know what people are playing and whats best to counter it to be able to climb
  5. Over the past year or so there has been alot of people getting trade banned/ their auctions being ended over them adding that they accept cc/ other payments after the auction started. The rule itself should be gone completely since it doesn't really effect anything.
  6. https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/199397-event-form-feedback-_-community-art-announcement u might have better luck posting it here, I doubt alot of artists go to suggestion forum to see this post
  7. Which server is this one of the best of exactly? Just curious
  8. Fire- litten Water- totodile Grass-bulbasaur
  9. This is a 2 in 1 suggestion. 1st one, ever since the rule was added where you cannot change the payment method halfway through an auction there have been so many people getting trade banned and auctions being ended from it. Its insanely harsh for something that effects nothing other than the person getting paid. It doesn't make sense why something so innocent as receiving a cc when u didn't mention it can result in such things. The suggestion is just why not delete that rule as a whole who does it really effect in the end? 2nd suggestion and I've said this in the past but it was overlooked but ever since then it has blown up. When people start bidding wild numbers like 200743 300008 ect. It starts effecting auctions and bidders, auctioneers start missing out on money by slight overlooking when the 2nd bidder buts just under the set number. I've been seeing so many people get screwed over by this and I know "its the auctioners responsibility to correct people" but this isn't just a 1 or 2 people thing, this is much larger scale I've been noticing. It can also be avoided by just setting a set multiple that people have to bid by, like if min bid is 100k people must bid 100k 200k ect. Or if its 50k people must bid 50k 100k 150k ect. Both if these suggestions would just be a quality of life add on for both parties involved the only people losing out are the scummy people trying to snake it
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