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  1. just bumping because within 2 days ive gotten spammed 7 times total from people wanting free level 100 pokes and/or money. if people keep falling to the level of giving them money and mons out of being guilt tripped then itll never end because these people dont just take what you give them and stop, they take what you give them and it gives them more of a reason to continue because they know people are just gonna keep giving them free stuff and they will never have to work for it
  2. This sums it up 100x better than what I said did +1 to you
  3. yeah exactly and its been hundreds of different beggars just camping out in vermillion for years and 0 of them actually play the game they just want the cheap way out of doing hard work. they log in inside vermillion log out inside vermillion
  4. I think I speak for every single person on pro when I say that beggars are by far the most annoying thing to see every single time you log onto the game to play and relax, as of right now there is nothing we can do to stop these beggars other than ignore them but that doesn't do anything because they just spam everyone else over and over. I'm suggesting just a tweak in the rules that can allow us to report these people because some of these people (sometimes its whole guilds) sit in vermillion for weeks/months getting 0 progress done on their own and just beg beg beg their life's away. If there was a rule where we can report the first time and they get a warning/mute I think it will stop alot of the begger problem that pro has. And trust me that problem is huge im sure everyone knows that already
  5. Username: Kboww Server: Gold Country/Timezone: United States/ -4 gmt
  6. For years i would consider ascension to be a big ol happy family more than a community and im happy to announce that one of our very own members @Cyanirl has went off and did the unthinkable. he went off and not only got his bachelors degree but he went and got his MASTERS. im so so proud of this man nobody will every understand and im definitely positive that everyone else in ascension is so very proud too. i had to share this here so everyone else can be proud of our very own master at his craft too. its like ive watched my own family grow when ive seen the amount of happiness and joy that ive seen when cyan comes into memberchat talking about what he learned and teaching all of us his learnings as well, it brings tears to my eyes seeing the happiness. now im sure many people know someone who has gotten their masters degrees and can share the excitement that we all are sharing for our boy cyan so if everyone can just give him a big shoutout when u see him in game or if u see him anywhere on discords or wherever it would mean the world. Our boy has officially graduated clown college and can proceed his life the way all of the gods intended we couldnt be happier. much love to you brother and hope all is well for the rest of your life.
  7. https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/159019-dev-to-do-list/
  8. -1 kinda kills the point of hard hunting then prices are just gonna be all over the place sorry tito much love still
  9. I'm going to be away for a few days so it might take a bit for me to get all these pokemon sold so if anyone wants something please pm me on discord thats the easiest way to contact me
  10. can u pm me on discord when u will be around kboww#3809
  11. Edited what i said, i agree with this post nobody should have to go through this pain
  12. sure pm me here or on discord whenever u can log on kboww#3809
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