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  1. Buying lvl 12 nido and skarmory
  2. Can u dm me on discord I will buy ur bisharp and hippopotas Demonslayer18#6513
  3. But jolly bunnelby 200k and sneasel 27/30 60k
  4. **Story service : Kanto full region 500k Johto 400k Hoenn 500k Sinnoh 400k I take 5 days at MAX to complete full story (pm for more info) U don't need to give me Pokemon/mounts Teleportation quest : **Kanto/Johto 200k (already included the 50k parcel) Hoenn/Sinnoh 250k **Mega bracelet 150k **Mega stone quests depends on the requirement and your progress (pm to discuss) **Legendary quests (Masterballs to be provided by you if u want me to catch otherwise I will leave after the quest for you to catch it) : Already mentioning I only do quest, requirements to be done by you like evos/dex/playtime/gems etc **Keldeo quest 700k **Heatran quest 400k (it's better if u give me a masterball already and tell me if u want 99 lvl without sync or you may catch it yourself with sync at lvl 30) **Cresselia quest 450k **Legendary birds quest 300k each Also for other legendaries pm to discuss Accept cc 380k each, IV RR 700k, Nature RR 350k, Rare candys 8k each Payments need to be done right after service done Dm me on discord : Demonslayer18#6513
  5. would like to lend skarmory dm me on discord Demonslayer18#6513 or in game demonslayer18
  6. will buy gible rough skin 300k and larvitar ada 25 atk 300k pm me on discord Demonslayer18#6513 or find me in game demonslayer18
  7. buy empoleon catch me in game if possible Demonslayer18
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