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  1. I would like to sell this Dragon-Snake-Thing C.O : 1.6m by Masskiller Min. Bid : 100k Insta : None 5 minutes left Payments: Pokedollar Coin Capsules (400k each) If u got any Question, pm me on Discord: suprv Happy Bidding
  2. Wanna sell my Baby C.O : 4m2 by chizune min. bid : 200k No Insta Ended Accepted Payments: - Coin Capsules : 380k each - IV-RR Ticket : 500k each For any Questions, PM me on Discord: suprv Gl ^^
  3. Im online, pm Supraa when ure available
  4. Auction Won By Vinier. Let me know which Server and when
  5. Ill be online later on, i will let u know then
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