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  1. Welcome to my Pokedex Service Service Rules: - Tell me for how many pokemon you are looking for. - Tell me the pokedex numbers 5 by 5, example: ,45,85,118,521,680,700. - You need to have only 1 empty Slot in your Party. - Tell me if a Pokemon is Region locked before accepting the Trade. - You have to trade me all Pokemons back. - I will sell Dex Service only in Vermilion. - Payment is in each Trade depending on Pokemons you want for Service. Prices -Kanto (1-151): 2k/ea -Johto (152-251): 2k/ea -Hoenn (252-386): 2k/ea -Sinnoh (387-493): 2k/ea -Unova (494-649): 3k/ea -Kalos (650-715): 3k/ea -Alola: 3k/ea Contact : Pokedex Account: Alexi99 Main account: Alexii Discord: Alexi#2203
  2. Bump! Still cant evolve my Togepi.
  3. It has 255 hapiness again
  4. I did one lvl but it did not evolve
  5. Hello im training my Togepi and it does not evolve. It has 255 Happiness. Can someone help me. Thank you.
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