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  1. 1.How hyped are you for Halloween? Very much, because it is an event full of interesting forms 2.Which Halloween forms do you like the most? Excadrill, Gardevoir(both), Skarmory, Krokodile and Pancham 3.Which forms are you looking forward to hunt during Halloween? I will focus on Drilburr, Pancham and Greninja 4.Do you think it's good that there are so many new forms this year? It will be difficult to catch them all, as there are some really good ones, so you have to make a lineup and aim for those 5.Should we add less next time? If so, how many forms per event do you think would be reasonable? Yes, in my opinion it is a fair solution. (4/5 new forms) 6.Which Pokémon do you think deserves a form, and for which event would you prefer it to be introduced? Hippdown (summer), Heracross (easter), zubat(hw), deino(xmas), Zorua vday 7.Which mounts, in your opinion, need a rework? Many legendary mounts, e.g. Keldeo, virizion, terrakion.
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