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  1. WELCOME TO MY SHOP!! ACCEPTED PAYMENTS: Pokedollar Reroll IVs : 800k Rare Candies : 7k Coin Capsule : 360k CONTACT: Discord: Swer#1103 In-game: Swer4412 RULES: 1 - No Fake Offers! 2 - You can't cancel your offer. 3 - Buyers from the Silver server are welcome but they must transfer themselves to the Gold server. 4 - No auctions here, only fixed insta prices. If you have any kind of offer, I will listen to you, but I will decide if I take it. IT DOESN'T END HERE, MORE POKEMON WILL COME SOON.
  2. I have never bidded for this Haxorus. In the channel all you showed a pupitar with the auction message and then I bidded you 2mln (most likely you got the position of Haxorus wrong in the message). I'm pretty sure about that or I would be a fool to bid 2mln for that pokemon.
  3. Oh God it's true, I will have seen terrible sorry
  4. Good evening, I traded a Reroll ivs ticket I had gotten thanks to the summer event for 2 reroll natures, however after the nature change to latias, I realized I only have 1 and I can't change nature to latios. Bug?
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