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Community Answers

  1. Yeah that was the right one thanks alot
  2. So ages ago my friend felixlalala traded me an electrike and i cant find it period could you check if i accidently deleted it or what happened to it?
  3. Will this apply to the articuno wings aswell or are you only discussing something for the giratina wings currently
  4. It feels pretty bad that i had to grind that christmas underground twice a day for a month to earn enough coins to purchase the articuno wings because i missed the christmas event before just to have them thrown into the PvP store, I'd like to see exclusive cosmetics for specific events even if you need to grind alot for them. Same applys to the giratina wings i missed the event for them and im perfectly happy that i cant get them again.
  5. I swapped names with my alt a long time ago but for some reason it still has the old name any chance you can change this as there isnt a option in the settings thanks in advance!
  6. Sold for a insta of 2m to bojack can be closed.
  7. About 6 hours and 25 minutes the Auction Ends 18:08 05/05/2021 GMT+1
  8. 900k ingame by robertosalim26 24 hours left
  9. SOLD FOR INSTA to Bojack min bid 100k insta 2m Auction duration 24 hours from first bid Auction Ends 18:08 05/05/2021 GMT+1
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