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  1. congrats to Snowblues123 for winning the auction and thank you all for the bids
  2. Auction ends, sold at insta price 1.2m to Snowblues123
  3. co 900k, auction to end at 10:48:29 AM IST+0, 23rd Sept
  4. co 825k, auction to end at 10:43:37 AM IST+0, 23rd Sept
  5. co 800k, auction to end at 10:41:21 AM IST+0, 23rd Sept
  6. co 750k, auction to end at 10:38:22 AM IST+0, 23rd Sept
  7. co 725k by Phantompirate, auction end again extended by 15 mins to 10:36:06 AM IST+0, 23rd Sept
  8. co 700k by Snowblues123, auction extended by 15 mins, now will end at 10:30:33 AM IST+0, 23rd Sept
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