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  1. I'mma use this as a goodbye post for me too Bye guys..ALL LOVE
  2. I agree.. Staff system is completely biased..our guild had almost 10 bans lately mostly for simple reasons.. only sht these guys do are banning someone and not replying to their thread.. if they showed this much interest towards the game update it would've grown much..but they trying to remove the small amount of players they have.. STAFF SYSTEM IS DOPE yea
  3. First of all this post is off topic, second no one knows how to do this expect jogging so he contacted devs and told them how to do this..he is doing this for them to fix ig
  4. No, he contacted the devs for this...
  5. It's a redirect forum...I clicked on a <larvitar> or smtn ane came here..idk how this is done??
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