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  1. bro ig u forgot aboit 15min extention rule or either u updated the c.o. a lilttle late...
  2. It may closed now Once again TYVM sir
  3. Yep i managed to transfer and figured out one more thing... Thats u must login in ur id and tap OK on the lend expired pop up then only it is considered that lend has been completed
  4. Oh thanks ... can u tell me what poke is it so that i can ask him return it... Sry to disturb b2b
  5. Hmmm actually i knew this But i wanted to know about my pending lend trades...
  6. I want to transfer server so i wamt to know about my open lend trades... Thanks in adv to mod [ @Viscabarcaa Sry for wait]
  7. Thanks for replying And ye it clarifies my doubt
  8. I also hve a similar doubt Me and my brother both plays this game (usually with 2 different devices in same place) So if we get both get to top 25 then what will happen..... Though non of us ever made to top 25 at end of season
  9. Sad rest in peace but buddy bhim how u come to know this r u indian too as the only way i can think is talking to his family...
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