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  1. Bid Start: 8m cc accepted at 390k each. Minimum raise : 250k Auction Duration: 48 Hours From First Bid. Pickup: Silver. Goodluck!
  2. Since excavations are disabled and there's no way of getting artifact pieces, might I suggest a temporary way of getting aggronite, other than excavations?
  3. Basically sums up the idea, really looking for staff feedback on this suggestion on this. I heard @Walrosskastanie is working on smart npc like this, perhaps he could give us feedback on how we could integrate this idea into our work.
  4. So I just had an idea where players could own pieces of the map in pro and create interactive experiences on it. Lemme explain 1. Imagine a group of friends be able to create a gym and enjoy the experience of defending it against other players, ```this could be achieved either in real time or through the use of Smart NPC's (they replica the gym members themselves).``` 2. Guilds could create teams or organizations and function more or less the same way on a larger scale, imagine a wave of players rather than Pokemon. 3. Players coul
  5. Guess No Harm was done Come over to vermi and Do the trade. @Viddy Thanks again @Haruyukio
  6. As Long as it gets settled and resolved fairly it's all good. Hopefully no major harm done.
  7. That's pretty much up to trade moderators at the moment not us, but for now I choose to retain my bid of 7.1M
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