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  1. Want to buy Good IV Adamant or Jolly Lycanroc (Night) or Rockruff with Hidden Ability. Great Payment pm me pls in game Thowas or in Discord Thoms92#6322.
  2. Hello Pro Team, We have next Saturday a Guild Tournement with the Guild Dark Future and I want to play with mega Audino. I have lost the game with Ash Westbrook so i dont have the Megastone. Now I can´t play Mega Audino now for the Tournement . I have lost the game becouse forget to change the Moveset on one Pokemon. Can you please give me the Megastone or give me the chance to rematch with only to win the Megastone not monney or items please. I give lot of monney for Cash Shop, and play a long time this game jet Iam a big Pokemon Fan please help me Pro Team :).
  3. Update Thowas Shop 2.0
  4. Hi, write me if you been online becouse of your Hawlucha
  5. Hi I want to buy your Venusaur im Sjop for 2.5 m
  6. WTB Venusaur Bold with good or epic IV
  7. Hi i Want to buy Codename Romeo
  8. Haxorus is Sold now.
  9. Bronzor is Sold by Kanii69.
  10. Thowas Shop You can Message me for Payment Method- Contakt: or other offer. In Game: Thowas Discord: Thoms92#6322 Sold200K Sold300K 300K 300K Sold 300K 300K Sold 400K400K Sold SOlD Sold SOLD SOLD SOLD
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