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  1. In-game name: G0LD3N Server: Silver Pokemon ID and/or screenshot: 47118960 I had a big bruh moment thinking I can trade my Gligar with a razor fang and it’ll evolve when it evolves at NIGHT with the razor fang. Now its at level 100 LMFAO https://imgur.com/szzziO3
  2. IGN: G0LD3N Server: Silver Screenshot+ ID: https://imgur.com/CZbdii2 47655873 Hi the server crashed during the evolution process while I was rare candying the charmander that I’m daycaring and it would be amazing if you could delevel it back to level 98 :(( (and possibly give the rare candy back LMFAO but if not its ok just pls help the char out so it can be a strong and healthy charizard :,( )
  3. Hi my name is G0LD3N and I was daycaring someones pokes and I was using rare candies to level up this Charmander to 100 but then there was a crash during the evolving animation and the Charmander went to level 99 without being a Charmeleon :(( Here’s the screenshot: https://imgur.com/CZbdii2 I’m so sorry this happened! If there can be any possibility to delevel it then that would be appreciated! Thank you.
  4. 1. What's your Player name (IGN)? G0LD3N 2. Number of hours played? 1135 hours :3 3. What's your favorite Pokemon? Empoleon 4. How old are you? (Optional) 16
  5. big fax, I swear Cobra I've seen you around since 2016 LOL, glad to see you again Cobra!
  6. Hello! I am back to play PRO once more, I started playing in 2016 and then took a break around 2017-2018 due to not having enough time to play PRO which was a big F. But I came back because I am interest in how it has evolved through the years and let me say WOW, PRO staff really did an amazing job. I'm glad I came back and I can't wait to make new friends in the community! :)) pm me anytime, lets be friends!
  7. Hello! Welcome to PRO and well said, feel free to pm me as well/message me if you need any help or guidance! I am here to support anytime and I truly hope you have fun in PRO
  8. How old are you and where are you from? Hi! I'm 16 and I'm from America :)) Why would you like to join Trinity? I would like to join Trinity because I want to help and contribute to a guild community, I've been playing PRO since 2016 and I've been in countless of guilds but then I left/took a break at around 2017-2018, then I came back and I miss being in a guild setting and I miss meeting new people of the PRO community! If I do get accepted in being Trinity I hope to grow and become better as a pvp player :)) What is the highest rating you've ever got? I honestly forgot, I think 40+ but
  9. Good bye, good luck with whatever you decide to do after this :Heart:
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