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  1. I've been thinking many games promote different series or games by doing collabs with others, so maybe why not having certain collabs with maybe different series here in PRO as well? Alternatively, have different series themed event mons. We already have from League of Legends a K/DA Akali Sneasel and Weavile, so maybe start from there and have all the other K/DA Champions (Ahri, Kai'Sa and Evelynn) as mons too for a full set. I think this second one could be more feasible license usage wise. Adding a personal remark, I think it would be fun to have some Azur Lane themed mons. There could be, for starters, an Akagi and Kaga form Ninetales and Alolan Ninetales, Starter ships (Javelin, Laffey, Ayanami, Z23) forms for an starter set, as well as other Destroyer base forms that evolve into larger hull ships such as Cruisers and eventually Battleships or Aircraft Carriers from their factions. Just a quick idea anyways.
  2. Personally, I think it'd be fun if they somehow had a relation with the normal mounts, like you can only have that Mega Evolved mount if you have the corresponding Mega Stone for it. And well, it would also allow for some people to change mount styles without having to buy another. Of course though, if we are going by having more income and donations, then yeah, add them separately in the coin shop
  3. Make it so that we can at least get one of the surgical face masks for free, as I think it would really help raise consciousness about how to return outside (even though most people here seem to be the indoors type) and avoid a second wave of corona spread.
  4. 1. What's your Player name (IGN)? Blaze Leiton, the one and only 2. Number of hours played? You know I don't keep track of that but probably about 350 :derp: 3. What's your favorite Pokemon? Litten, my cute little kitty 4. How old are you? (Optional) 19 now
  5. NAME CHANGE Username: DarthKuwawa New Username: Mexico Server to charge the money from: Silver - BlazeLeiton I don't have the hours in the Kuwawa account, however I have 300hrs in BlazeLeiton, will that suffice? I created this account while testing the new website when we were doing the translation, however I'd like to use it as an actual account for replaying and recording the story and therefore I'd like to change it's name Thanks for your attention
  6. Hi, thanks for applying, we'll be messaging you shortly alright?
  7. Hello there, thanks for applying, I'll message you in a bit alright?
  8. Bro, primero ten cuidado, alcancé a ver tu otro mensaje y seguro te pueden banear por eso. Volviendo al problema, te deja algún mensaje el juego acerca de por qué no puedes entrar?
  9. Contact us when you're Indiana Jones Jk, I'll message you in a bit as well
  10. Hello there, thank you for applying to our guild, I'll message you in a bit :3
  11. NAME CHANGE Username: DarthKuwawa New Username: México Server to charge the money from: Silver - BlazeLeiton
  12. Sounds a bit tricky, but with proper implementation and development it would really be a huge turning point in how the game's economy fluctuates, and would make the player interaction and trading system much more stable. It's really and idea worthy of try
  13. Thank you very much Sorbet, this will now not only help our dear Phoenix Guildies but the entire PRO Community as well
  14. Regarding other spawns, yeah, Pumpkaboo is a must, and I agree with Minccino and Eevee being there, and I'd say also Hallowen Pika. And I would like to see Litten so badly except it isn't even implemented yet, so that's that. Also like, maybe a special Fennekin, since Delphox is kind of a witch, and also maybe Inkay since Malamar has been portrayed as an evil entity in the anime
  15. Sad you're leaving bro, I wish you success with any of your plans ahead, and well, I'm in as well. Keep training
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