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  1. WTS Shiny Thundurus Mount 16m Accept CC and RR. CC = 370k RR = 680k
  2. Bump, reduce for 17m accept cc = 400k
  3. Eryx

    Change Name

    This noted thank you.
  4. Hi good day, is there a chance to change my name? It's been almost 1 week since my request, but nothing is happening. Please help me. Thank you.
  5. Wts shiny yveltal mount 19m or wtt for shiny thundurus mount. Accept cc : 380k
  6. Looking Shiny Yveltal Mount 20cc +12m budget .
  7. Auction end 1hr and 15mins left at GMT +8 Current offer: 8m @vastik
  8. Ok cool Current offer: 5.8m @Sweesy64 Auction end 20hrs left GMT +8
  9. Ralts or Evos Jolly 31spd, 26+atk 20+ all ivs budget 10m
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