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  1. I guess guild pvp ladder should be the major end game content in PRO. Something in which players will compete to make their guild triumph Here below there are few ideas to reward best guilds in game, to make the guild ladder more interesting and also different from single player ladder. - To the first guild in ladder, a statue with guild logo in Vermilion City, resetting every season of course. - A guild pvp shop. Said shop will have discounts on many pvp items or cosmetics. Only the first 3 or 5 guilds will have access to it during the new season. After that, they will need to plac
  2. @onkar hahahaha mate, well, when it is matter of writing posts for events and such, CCs are the best!
  3. @PreHax thanks for fast reply and patience readying all way down the post Appreciated the work around the spawns too, ive just read the reply on the spawns main post
  4. Hi everyone, looking at recent updates related to spawn role addition (loved it) and to the game itself, i wanted to give a deeper look into the game to look for some useful but also small changes that can be brought live. Any feedback is welcome, thanks in advance if you find time for leaving a comment or just a like. SPAWN CHANGES - Add chikorita (t8) to Johto Safari Zone - Give both cyndaquil and chikorita an additional spawn (t9) to have same number of spawn locations with totodile (i feel like it could be quite fair to have every starter with same number of spawns) - Give Treecko,
  5. nice guide also i've found the missing boss from the list: Brenna Ferrothorn: explosion Feraligatr: superpower Hawlucha: high jump kick Kingdra: hydropump Clefable: spotlight Rhyperior: horn drill, rock wrecker
  6. So many things we have shared during staffship, so many emotions will be kept with me forever, thanks for being an amazing person and, as i will always see you like this, a trusted friend to talk with. Best of luck for your future, this time i guess the most cute thing i can do for you is to spare a wall of text, for once... Love you Lil Otter
  7. [mention]Calahan[/mention] looooool i got numbers :Heart: :Heart: :Heart:
  8. [mention]Calahan[/mention] be my Valentine
  9. Re: ► Boss Guide - updated 27/01/18 - All movesets added! - All bosses/rewards/requirements <r><QUOTE author="Sabo" post_id="506584" time="1518194945" user_id="901275"><s> </e></QUOTE> <QUOTE author="PurpleMauth" post_id="506585" time="1518195475" user_id="738044"><s> </e></QUOTE> Updated guys <E>:thanks:</E> <E>:Heart:</E> <br/> <br/> Saphirr boss still is Work In Progress, but soon we will have all info</r>
  10. Scyther used False Swipe more than once, so we are sure golbat has only 1 HP left. Also Golbat didnt use any hp recover ability so when oddish comes in we are still sure he only has 1 HP left. Now it doesnt matter how much effective the move is, if it deals damage, it is at least 1hp. This seems a bug to me too
  11. Re: ► Boss Guide - updated 27/01/18 - All movesets added! - All bosses/rewards/requirements <t>just added second birch team</t>
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