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  1. i made an oopsie and posted twice
  2. [JUSTIFY]Hello, back around 3 years ago there when your adventure started. Little did we know how it would turn out to be such a wild ride it was about to be. From all the memes, cases, joy, annoyances, you've always been a great company, if not the best, and although I've left a year ago from PRO, I still remember having the feeling about being that lucky to have someone that would be so hard to say goodbye to, but fortunately, you guys never part aways, which never let the friendships we created to be over.[/JUSTIFY] [JUSTIFY]To increase this text body's size, I will start typing the great memories we had together, which unfortunately I might leave something out since the number of stories is far too big for me to be capable to remember. To the small group, we had when the November crash happened to reply in General support, to the IRC chats and memes, to your, and quite frankly amazing, apprenticeship, to your first staff being in a CC account and traveling through maps with you and start doing some Complain subforum topics with you, to your help training the Taco Memer we love, to our CC conversations in the chat with mine and Reikou's feud, to the apo that sucks, to the journey training the rest of the apps you've entered with, to that one topic we all cheered for a guy that was depressing and I used to re-read to cheer me up to see how nice people could be, to the ton of help in workshops and apps the months afterward, to the time we passed over social media settings and messages, to the time you wanted to help me with the Community Manager rank, to the Discord you were fundamental into building, to the League games (THAT WE WILL PLAY MORE OFF) that we just laugh non-stop, to the sheer amount of memes that appeared, to the apo that still sucks, to becoming the best CC lead I could dream off helping to grow the group, to the new and awesome events we started making, to the still more General Support posts, to the apo that, wow still, sucks, to the time Sinnoh came and we had so many more memes and work (and the freaking timeless nights over there), to the videos and the confusion from the youtube channel, TO THE FREAKING BUDDY MEME YOU AND ARI TORMENTED ME WITH, to the many feuds in our chats with the many topics that arrised every 30 minutes, to the LONG admin request lists yours helped going through, to xapoman sucking, to the Halloween and Christmas events we managed to pull through thanks to the lovely team, to the moral support you gave me when my life went down in such a short time, and to finish, to apo sucking and to all the stories that happened thanks to you, a big THANK YOU.[/JUSTIFY] Without you, my staffship could have been a really painful experience on far too many occasions. And I am sorry for such a big text but you did a big nice one for me and I felt I should also write one back due to that and to honor your friendship and work. Furthermore, my apologies for the poor typing, not used to write in English anymore xD I am glad you are choosing your path, remember to being the person that you want to be and not the person that people tell you are suppose to be. And I hope you do remember that I am here for you and you still are holding around 1-year time worth of league games to do with us :D (for all the good cute pics we've seen) Epsy is my fav Mexican and South American (giving her a whole continent to increase value, sugar gets north and Antartica)
  3. Shamac

    Update Logs

    Several Spawn Changes Added water spawns in Route 205. Removed MS exclusiveness of Buneary in Eterna Forest. Cubchoo levels were decreased in Route 216 to meet with Mt. Coronet Summit. Berry Forest pokemon levels were balanced. Added Petilil there. Riolu added in Route 203 as MS spawn. Pal Park now have spawns. Swablu is now a bit easier in Hoenn. Added more spawns in Jagged Pass. All maps of Sinnoh Safari zone were edited in order to have less rare spawns and more emphasis on the best spawns. Yamask was added in Lost Cave lowest floor. Heracross repel sync is easier in Pattern Bush. Route 228 has a new spawn. Few Repel Syncs were added. Qwilfish is now huntable in Route 220. Inkay has a new spawn in one of the Moon Maps. The 3 elemental monkeys have been added to 3 different Johto Safari Zones. Added Tympole on Nap Forest lake. Added Skrelp in one of the Meteor Falls maps. Fossil spawns in Mirage Island Cave has been switched. This will start a routine of changing the pokemons there. Those will be changed once in a while and has no specific cooldown. Added Rotom NPC spawn that will appear once in a while, this is to give access to the pokemon before the upcoming quest. The NPC is somewhere in Sinnoh and it is not visible but it is working. It has a cooldown for the meanwhile the quest hasn't been done. IT IS SYNCABLE. Good luck finding it.
  4. You have no idea how much this means to us (I think I can speak for several others if not all), most of the times we are blamed for every single thing, the amount of toxicity aimed at us is recurrent on a daily basis and honestly, I don't know how people do it in other major gaming companies, with all the backlash. But then there are people like you, with simple words, which makes our "staff personality" feel extremely happy. So, as I can only speak for myself, but I feel others also feel the same, thank you, you are awesome.
  5. Yes, we can. And with this being said, I moved the coins to your account in Yellow Server. Have a great week.
  6. THIS IS NOT AN APRIL FOOLS PRANK Hello, and as promised last week, this thread will be used for you, if you desire it to request a Name Change or Account Reset. All the requirements can be found at this link. The effects of this thread will occur from tomorrow onwards. Now without further ado, feel free to request. In your post, you should put the former name and the new name you want to be changed to (for name change) or the name and servers (for account reset).
  7. ★ Hello everyone, and wish you are having a delightful weekend! We will make renaming and resetting accounts possible for those who want it, but only if they meet certain requirements (listed below). The Renaming/Resetting topic is closed since Monday the 3rd of September 2018 _____________________________________________ ★ Account renaming: Your account and Login data will change to a new username. Pokemon's OT, friend lists, guild memberships (if leader, the change might have to wait until a server reboot for it to update) and everywhere the former username is, will change to the new one. ___________________________________________ ★ It will delete all the Pokemon on your account, variables, and items you may have. Friendlists will be kept and if you play on the account, you will find yourself at the Start Map. __________________________________ Minimum 150h 300k Pokedollars payment Registered more than 3 months ago Clean infraction history (small PvP infractions may not count) - Includes ALL PRO scope chats You may purchase this for a friend in case s/he hasn't done any infraction, and just 1 change per 6 months Have to choose FREE NAMES (as in, not already taken) in case of a name change
  8. Shamac

    Update Logs

    New feature to moderate PvP infraction was implemented - PvP ban. Punishment Policy updated accordingly.
  9. Shamac

    Update Logs

    From this moment onwards there is now a PvP ban feature. So we will change punishments for PvP infractions from this moment onwards. Punishments given prior to this date will not be changed until appeal. We will revise our Punishment Policy and update it accordingly. Later on this week everything should be updated.
  10. Should be fixed now. Please me more careful next time and have fun playing ^^ Have a happy weekend!
  11. Shamac

    Update Logs

    Added spawns in Route 49 - Available after next server reboot/crash.
  12. This has been proclastinated cus for one, I try to avoid the forums, theres too many memories over here (but this you already know this). Another thing is that I really am clueless on what to say, honestly its so hard to write something without referencing so many cool, but private moments, you two have been such great friends for the longest time and myself, do not want to ever stop talking to you nor ever lose your contact (unless you continuing bullying me, then its fine ) I still remember you two were the first CC that I promoted as a trainer. You two created the CC team that there is today, altho not only you contributed for that, you were the foundations of the team (also CC>MOD #plsdonteditthisorillcomebacktodemotewhoeverdoesit). Nonetheless, you two are awesome, and the words you spoken here were one of the hardest to read and maintain posture (specially you ari, I've read it at work, what a rollercoaster of emotions...). Anyways, this was way overdue, but you two deserve a reply. Also, mapping still sucks and stop putting me with that tag
  13. Thank you for the kind words. Now we have more time to play even, I still remember u being a great Black Absol Mount fan :P
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