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  1. hp dragon (kek) start 200k insta 1.5m last 24h 100k steps
  2. General: Overall, although it was very good it felt like the quest didnt belong to an xmas event and more like an endgame quest. Challenge and reward: This quest has some good challenge and a great storyline. Being rewarded with keldeo which was a meta defining poke in oras ou feels rewarding aswell. If you possess strong pokemon including megas then the bosses feel challenging in a good way except maybe the boss with charizard X which was overtuned in my opinion especially because if you lose you had you go through the maze all over again. Perhaps the ability to use items and not
  3. start 300k insta 2m last 24h 100k steps sold
  4. i was planning on auctioning it thats why i was asking price ranges
  5. @i3dontknow32 you win the tyrunt, you have times when ur online?
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