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  1. xrevolutionx94

    PVP Council

    like this man said I had to create a fucking poll about gensect to get it banned it wasn't qb or anything and it was already said by a dev that he wont ban anything he codes and that's just a problem that needs to be fixed imo if you want pvp to be a great thing for this mmo
  2. xrevolutionx94

    PVP Council

    I would assume that the people assigned to this counsel would have vast knowledge in the pvp aspect of the game so therefore I don't think antyhting they would do would tech hurt the game. End game for Pokémon is either like I said in prev posts battle frontier/ filling the dex/ pvp now the pvp area, a lot of people have invest so much time into this game and want a well working pvp system and being like I said before pvp is finally getting the attention it needs I think it's time that we come together and clean up pvp. Having to make post after post after post and waiting several weeks theng
  3. xrevolutionx94

    PVP Council

    This was an idea in the past that never got totally brought to light, but now that pvp is getting some real attention it may be reasonable to go forward with this. ESP with Megas possibly coming to light and mons like greninja roaming free in ranked. It just needs some support so I 100% like and promote this post
  4. VOTE: No Reason: being able To trap multiple typing mons without having to execute a move is in all honesty brain dead and broken fyi one of the reasons shadow tag was banned it can come in as a revenge killer and confirm kill without you doing anything about that also a mon that can kill a core by itself without you being able to switch is a bit stupid imo also (dugtrio) this mon will 99% always being on how it's used will always have a 200 base fighting type move while trapping just about every mon ( also mon got a decent attack buff in 7th gen. No point on unbanning somthing then community
  5. Aye burdy :bingcry: cya when p1 finally drops ;) <3
  6. Hello and welcome to yet another Showdown Tournament. Just like all past tours I have hosted, this will take place on this site ---> https://pokemonshowdown.com/ <---- ABOUT This will be a 7th gen OU showdown tournament. All pokemon from 7th gen ou will be allowed (Koko, lele, bulu, toxapex ect..) The battles will all be best of 3 and everyone will be given a total of 3 days to get into the battles. Megas and Z-moves are allowed. You must have all replays of your battles and be able to join the discord linked here. ---> https://discord.gg/hUkEk4E <--- HOW TO
  7. Pro developing slowly and hopefully it continues to implement good things
  8. :CharYay:Welcome to the PRO Metronome Tournament:CharYay: This will be another showdown hosted tournament consisting of Pokémon with one move (Metronome).This will take part in 7th gen Anything Goes format and members from Silver server and Gold server will be able to participate. If you don't know what showdown is the take a look at this link : https://play.pokemonshowdown.com. Its a battle simulator that consists of everything and anything that's been introduced in Pokémon and you create teams to battle/ test others. Any other questions can be asked via pm or discord :D
  9. Dragonite can't come into blaze* sorry type and same thing espeed into ferro rip dnight never coming back in after rocks
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