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  1. I'm looking forward your next ideas for the game.
  2. Sorry for not doing it yesterday,I was just lazy. I removed people who tried signing up on 2 accs.At least you tried. Removed banned users. I won't check this forum anymore so there's no point in trying to pm me in order to get your rewards.Please ADD me on discord Akalli#9999 if you won,it will be also easier to schedule a place and time for me to give the rewards... [MEDIA=imgur2]fiU1kbX[/MEDIA] Congrats,and one more time,add me on discord Akalli#9999 so I can give you the rewards... @PopInSmoke @Undeadstorm Oh yeah,no need to send me requests and pretend you won,you'll just be b
  3. will choose the winners wednesday,u can still sign up till then
  4. here we go again..................... there will be more than one winner and then again it's silver server only,i'm sorry for gold but nothing I can do there. 1st Prize Pool : 1 Choice Band,1 Choice Specs,50 focus sash,2 life orb,200k,Epic Crawdaunt ( [MEDIA=imgur2]E7tiFoB[/MEDIA] ) 2nd Pool : 1 Choice Specs,1 Life Orb,[MEDIA=imgur2]drXsIhz[/MEDIA] epic mawile Third Prize Pool : 1 Choice Specs, [MEDIA=imgur2]fdFjOKY[/MEDIA] good spdef skarm (this skarm never played one game without getting critted so use it at ur own risks) dont really have anything else to give so theres that,jus
  5. decided to do it earlier than planned because why not. [uSER=42983]@serobrine1[/uSER] i was in a good mood so i included you in it. Excluded banned users because I can't see a reason of why I would put you in. [MEDIA=imgur2]Sph0Jy7[/MEDIA] Congrats @Judgement send me a message on discord #Akalli9999 ( u should have that already anyways) bop
  6. Yo sign up are closed so any post after this will not count and the winner will be elected on Sunday!
  7. [MEDIA=imgur2]rKRJUkW[/MEDIA] giving away,has to be on silver silver,all u have to do is reply,winner will be randomly selected in few days. goodluck
  8. Indeed amazing idea,i'm curious to hear what other idea you have for the game.
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