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  1. I haven't tried yet but 6 trash lvl 100 Raticates with Sash and Endeavour+Quick Attack should be enough to beat most bosses, even better if you go for speed nature. For ghost Types just use scarf destiny bond Gengar. And against Morty you can easily beat with a ghost and dark team.
  2. No single mon can cover each of it's weaknesses just by using a different nature. You are way better off investing in Def where Mega Venu shines, and you are still gonna take alot of damage from super effective special hits even if you do invest in spdef.
  3. Your last bit contradicts yourself, You basically are telling me that it's highly profitable (when it isn't, proof her ) and then say that it's a good idea to further increase the profit made, as if to say that there isn't enough profit to be made. It's not profitable in the long run. If it was profitable you would see tons of people in excas, but you don't. Gee wonder why that is huh? Let me remind you that the best case scenario I got was 1 year ago for an Aero that didn't have it's mega announced at the time. Prices for mons that arent good in PvP, as sad as it is are not going
  4. You are getting overly defensive for no reason. I never said anything about not wanting this to be implemented I do understand what you are saying but you don't seem to understand what I said or the developer. The reason we have to pay to travel is due to it's convenience and a natural part of the game, and NOBODY has complained since.
  5. @LadyLilith It's not that it's a bad idea, it's just the box has it's own complications right now. Coding this may take alot of work, which is something that's already on their to do list. Who knows it may be implemented, we will just have to wait and see. As for the money reduction for having this tool, I believe it is due to it being too convenient. Alot of money is being made by people actually hunting and selling good IV pokes they find. Currently we would need more money sinks in order to balance the amount of money people are making off really good IV pokes and shinies, which
  6. This is a great idea in theory, but currently Exca does not provide much profit, it's too much of a money sink for collectors and even to those trying to sell good IV pokes. I started doing Exca often ever since I was 200 hours in (currently I have 2000 hrs under my belt) and I STILL have yet to get a half decent Rotom. Best I got was a 20+ HP Grass Cyndaquill, and a 25+ Aerodactyl (Which I sold for only 1M a year ago) and since then still haven't got anything spectacular. If most of the player base are willing to do it everyday and could actually turn a profit then this is worth it but it's n
  7. Normally I'd say give time for the meta to settle as Ash-Greninja has only just been released but it is quite clear this mon never should have been released without the Gen 7 mons, it is too much to handle without the usual checks/counters it is supposed to have. However, I don't see a reason not to un-ban it once the Gen 7 dex is fully released, including Magearna and the Tapus.
  8. Aegislash Relaxed, Dusknoir, Drapion, and Milotic sold for discounted price
  9. Also this basically already exists for Guild Island, since you can pick the tutors you want and access them easier. Don't get me wrong I would like the convenience, but it feels like a bad idea.
  10. That still comes with a balance issue. If you can buy and keep the TMs, then you can carry them over to the next region and that would be busted for story. Also would still have to code all tutor moves into TMs and that may give a headache for coders. I dont think all of this is worth it just for convenience sake.
  11. -1 Just seems like a bad idea, it may come with it's own coding problems as well seeing as how you'd have to change the mass amount of tutor moves into TMs along with adding NPCs to sell said TMs. I also think tutors are widespread for balance reasons, since if you could just go to the NPC and get all tutors given at any time and use at any time then it would make story alot easier.
  12. Wow, didn't know about the burrow either. It's easy to miss it. And as Bhimoso suggest the Dugtrio should be the one to take you through the burrow. Anyways, while we are on the topic of Burrow Holes I would like to suggest the one for Mt. Coronet to go back to the way it was before, taking you next to the Dig spot. I can't for the life of me figure out why this was changed since all other burrows are very convenient where they are placed. But not this one? Edit: Oh I guess it was changed for Ash Westbrook boss, but it's not travelled to as frequent as the digspot. Sinc
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