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  1. @Ls2118 @Sensovv tagg me in discord Araragikun#6874
  2. Klefki (1) S.o: 100k Insta: 500k Min bid: 30k Klefki(2) S.o: 150k Insta: 600k Min bid:30k Klefki(3) S.o: 300k Insta:1m Min bid:30k Auction is 24 hrs after first bid for all 3 klefki(s) n gl^^
  3. +10000000000(I am countering @Wakaranaii :p) that way u can make many team with different legend, even tr team only use one legend(mostly cresselia) so why not for a nice change of pace with this new PvP environment ^^
  4. Araragikun#6874 for adjust the time for trade^^
  5. S.o 500k Insta 1m2 Min bid 50k 24 hrs auction after first bid Cc as 350k Rr as 530k Can reach me ig with my alt ACC @8man96 gl^^
  6. @Mbk hi kind sir it's seems that I cannot contact the seller and it seems that he already sold it ig before the auction ended ,do help me in any kind possible ty
  7. @Mehmetpasa is it sold as I win or???
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