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  1. Atm the seller is away so I will try reach trade mod to discuss if this poke still can be forced by trade mod.... Hope it is doable
  2. No sir and it's quite a laughable matter for 16+ being absolute ridiculous 20m price
  3. Works only for final countdown before auction ended 15min and so on until no one bids for the full 15min @gianni345 report this thread so the trade mod can help you... Gl for both of u
  4. I think you already win with this offer, already passed 15min tho
  5. Sure 7 hours from this post I am free
  6. Hi mate as I did mention prev comments all is sold except for the hp grass pelipper... My condolences :')
  7. Everything sold except for the epic HP grass summer pelipper^^
  8. Just wanna sell as it is no auction and the price is 5m and price is fixed TY 4 the attention given to this thread Price: 5M
  9. I got some epic PvP event contact me if u interested in some^^ Araragikun#6874 - discord
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