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  1. It’s to prevent item duplication, i understand
  2. When leaving building or surf mount
  3. So we don’t fill the pc with tons of useless poke with the wrong ability or nature iv ect
  4. Or to have a list of all différents buildings actions and npc in the area bellow the city or route name
  5. Oh thanks for the information so i’m going to delete my post
  6. Just to display the pc without being able to use it
  7. Befor modification : takes a lot of time to find a specific item, search could be extended to the lore so if we are looking for an action we can find all related items After : just add lore to the search, for exemple i'm looking for the berry that wake up my poke i would like to search "sleep" in my bag but it's not possible
  8. I don't know if there are any in Sinnoh but it seams like most player interest is around kanto and johto so i thinks hoenn and others regions should be more involved
  9. Some event pokemon bosses that have huge lives and can only be beaten if many player attack them at the same time that could. So player are more involve as a groupe
  10. It would be cool if we can have an image of the city we're hovering in the map, not all of us remember all the names. It could also be an artwork or a small vertion of the city map. Or if the player click on the city it displays the map of the city.
  11. +1 completly agree with you when you're traveling to gather items batle bosses or to sell and buy stuff you often take the subway, sailor and the train many times a day
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