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  1. Its stated in trade rules if someone bid in last min , the auction can proceed/extended for 15 minutes.
  2. Hi can you do cross server? If possible I can buy your weavile
  3. Goodluck with your journey. Its good to chat with you back before and sarcasm is your good trait XD Adios amigos.
  4. Wealthcome to you buddy I wish for your journey
  5. +1 I would love to see these hairstyles
  6. Its happen anywhere in PRO, I know if a person is lying (Girl Instinct) auto block no further message its annoying.
  7. Welcome to PRO, wish you luck to your journey as a trainer.
  8. Eunhye


    Yes after defeating Celadon Gym you are able to do trade.
  9. Hmm maybe you disable your setting about displaying the player names, You can check it and see what happen if not working maybe your problem is your internet connection.
  10. Hi @Cyim I saw your situation cause you level your sneasel to 100, you cant further evolve it , try to ask for deleveling here: https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/65717-url and try to level him again
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