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  1. 5tryker


    The problem is when only 1 is banned, and the other that did a lot more trash talk, no. This is very bad.
  2. What happened to the reroll NPC? Any prediction of when it will be fixed? Are you modifying something? If so, what? This can affect a lot the players who are selling or buying these tickets.
  3. B.O start: 500K; Min raise: 50K ; Insta: 1m; 24h after the first offer. Contact IGN: 5tryker Discord: Stryker#1707 Or here.
  4. What's your IGN? -- 5tryker; How old are you? -- 31; What is Your Discord ID? -- Stryker#1707 What's your goal in PRO? -- Actively participate in the competitive and try to be a recognized pvp player. What is your favorite aspect of PRO? -- PRO offers basically everything that Pokémon franchise lovers like. PvP, trade and exchange of experiences in real time. What was your highest rating achieved in the last 3 PvP seasons? -- I returned to play in late June, and returned to PvP in July, ending the season with approximately 120 rating. There were many games played, many victories and
  5. Hi! Do you sold your Timid Togekiss? I interest.
  6. WTB Sabito Mask - 700K! Repply the post or contact-me for Discord (Stryker#1707)! Thx
  7. Please restore my Tornadus. I deleted it to fight boss Nikola, but it is giving the message "Fighting me now will be of no use to you." Silver server.
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