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  1. These would make one believe that time stamps matter when posting screenshots of bids on the forums. Let's say you've made a thread to auction pokemon on the forums and you get an offer to start the auction at 9:02pm (timestamp) in the game, after which you take a ss and post it on the forums at 9:04pm. Some would think the auction starts at 9:02pm, but based on the last rulings in some of the threads, there isn't really a doubt that it starts at the moment proof is posted, so at 9:04pm. The problem with starting based on forum time is that it makes it so that ending will also be based on forum time, which means that last minute bids made in-game will be posted too late. For example, if a 24h auction started at 11:00pm and you got a last-minute offer in game, you basically have to post ss of it on the forums 10:59pm at the latest, because otherwise it will be judged invalid, even if a ss was to show it was clearly on time and thus would've extended the auction for 15 mins. I understand that a person's in-game timezone differs from other people's forum time, but if the minutes from the screenshot and the forum post don't differ by much, the screenshot should count as valid proof. It's not realistic to require the proof to be posted in less than a minute on the forums. I'm fine with either or, but would like the rules to mention it clearly which timestamp is prioritized.
  2. Can't really see it going under 15m so should be upwards from there.
  3. +1 Extremely useful when map has 2-3 or more rare spawns and one of them requires different nature, i.e. summer map with Snivy and Audino (You would obviously be using timid synch and simply run from every Audino, but with this you could actually catch usable synch fail Audinos). If you guys are worried about pokeball economy, make a suggestion to remove bulk sellers. Let's say this costs as much as bms, which would mean spending and using 200k in pokeballs before starting to "profit". Sure, you can save money using this but not everyone will.
  4. 10m, or if you transfer to silver 9.5m
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