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  1. Can't really see it going under 15m so should be upwards from there.
  2. +1 Extremely useful when map has 2-3 or more rare spawns and one of them requires different nature, i.e. summer map with Snivy and Audino (You would obviously be using timid synch and simply run from every Audino, but with this you could actually catch usable synch fail Audinos). If you guys are worried about pokeball economy, make a suggestion to remove bulk sellers. Let's say this costs as much as bms, which would mean spending and using 200k in pokeballs before starting to "profit". Sure, you can save money using this but not everyone will.
  3. 10m, or if you transfer to silver 9.5m
  4. As someone who likes to farm, this was hands down the worst event of 2021. There were simply no good spawns in the event maps. Pokemon either didn't spawn at certain times and/or there were 2 or more pokemons with conflicting natures in the mix (rare-tier ones). If you wanted to farm a specific pokemon during the event, you had basically 4 choices : 1. Farm M/D in one map, then walk through 10+ maps to keep going for the night. 2. Pick the M/D map and farm there. if it's night, farm something less desirable. 3. Farm in the M/D map, log off when it's night. 4. Just farm something that has a full-time spawn. I personally chose the number 3. so If the goal was to cut down on playing time it worked. Later on, I switched to number 4 and it gave such a refreshing feeling to be able to farm whenever you wanted, which shouldn't be happening during an event. I didn't do any other event content because I was forced to be away from the event map by bad spawns. Xmas calendar was a good idea, but it lacked clothes/hats.
  5. Am in silver so when you get here just do /pm pity, I will be on. @Sasageyo
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