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  1. Trying to rebuild and need money. Can DM me on Discord Celestic#7113 Also accepting CC (380k) and Rerolls (675k) and Rare Candy (7k) SOLD SOLD SOLD 250k 250k SOLD SOLD Thank you for taking a look
  2. I would like to buy the 20+ Ralts if it’s still available. My discord is Celestic#7113
  3. Hey Im a returning player and basically starting at 0. I do have some special forms, that i would like to sell to get me started. Feel free to message here or on Discord: Celestic#7113 I am also open to donations if someone wanna help me get started. I would need a lot of the basic stuff like Balls, Berries of all kind, and those stuff. And a Boss team at some point. Thank you
  4. Its always the same spot for me Doesnt matter if first round or second or any other only happens to marowak
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