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  1. @GioAlv1Hey sorry I wasn't able to edit these days cuz of home stuff..... And other things in real life. When people report here I'll keep eye on them and edit them asap.
  2. Leave your offers for hollow mask. Looking for decent price tho
  3. @Pvpiskingidk what should I do? But let any mod decide.
  4. @PvpiskingThere are many offered insta not only you ( in game ). Sadly , after the bid.
  5. @Glaciateits already being 5 days approx. Now use your powers , else I'll sell it in insta price. That guy come online once before and I told him to come unison. He didn't came and gone offline at the same moment.
  6. Sorry it's already sold but that guys is offline. Idk what to do @Hawluchaawill show me right path.
  7. @HawluchaaCan you force trade ? I need urgent money... That guy is offline
  8. C.O - 400k Insta - 1m Ends in 24 hours ( 1:01 IST Tomorrow ) Per Bid - 50k Prefer Pokedollers and Accept CC ( 400k )
  9. In my opinion , there should be 1 quest to get 1 free form ( in all events ). It should not depend on luck always. Or make it super hard as @Norexsaid.
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