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  1. i found it, it was on Cr1tikal account. Thanks for ur help
  2. Hey, Pog, Regenerator and wwwvwwwwwwwwwww are my alt accounts. And i cant find the dugtrio on any of these accounts. thanks for ur time
  3. Hey, I cant find my alola dugtrio, it was jolly tangling hair, 31speed 22+ iirc. I think i lend it to someone but i forgot ? Could u please check when u have time ? Also i lent an azumarill to Pissforpenguin, 31+ with 26speed adamant (Susge is his alt) and a modest 31 31 epic charizard and a jolly tyranitar 31speed epic iirc to Boces. They both dont play anymore, is it possible to get these pokes back ? Thank u for ur time, have a good day
  4. so 500k insta 3m 4h auction, after first bid min bid 50k rr= 500k cc= 350k
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