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  1. Hello! I'd like to start the auction on this please. My discord is Noodles#7767
  2. Hello! I'm interested in buying this Darumaka if you still have it
  3. Hello! I'd like to buy this if you still have it My discord is Noodles#7767
  4. Welcome to the shop! I'll be selling various pokemon here, nothing here will be auctioned and only be sold at a set price. Rules: I can deliver to any region in game, free delivery. I accept cc, 1 cc = 380k ( I'll also pay the difference if it goes over. ) You're allowed to message me privately or on discord about prices. ( My discord is Noodles#7767 ) Prices may change at any point. Please allow me a day or two to respond back or message, I can sometimes be very busy and might not be able to respond. Pokemon: Serperior Hp Psychic 250k Serperior Hp ice 400k Alolan Ninetales 500k Hp fire Garchomp 250k Garchomp 350k Alolan Muk 400k Weavile 250k Gyarados 300k Alolan Golem 350k Feraligatr 220k Bisharp 280k Mandibuzz 380k Charizard 300k Volcarona Hp Ground 380k Volcarona Hp Ice 800k
  5. What is your IGN? popopop1279 What is your discord? Noodles#7767 Tell us a little about yourself. I'm a returning player, just a chill dude looking to pvp and meet some new people. How many hours do you currently have? 1031 hours Do you know any existing members? I know Grizz/Delta and Aggs might remember me. Have you been in a guild before? If so, which one(s)? I've been in both Muse and Raiko clan as a officer. What are your expectations for this guild? To meet new people What You are looking for from the guild? Pvp, friendly people What other games do you play online? Too many to list What is your favorite pokemon and what made them stick out to you? Snorlax, I used to own a snorlax bean bag chair In your own words, please describe why you need to be recruited into this guild. I've always been interested in joining Ascension and I'm currently at a point in time in game where I now have all my pvp teams finished and want to truly start laddering. Assuming I don't get burnt out again. If you're interested in PvP what is your favorite Archetype to use (Ex. HO, Balance, Stall, Weather, etc)? Hyper offensive and Balance, I almost never play Weather or Stall but can if I wanted to.
  6. I'd like to buy these 2 please Feel free to msg me here or on discord whenever you're free, my discord is Noodles#7767
  7. Hello! I'd like to buy this clefable please. Please message me whenever you're free on here or on discord My discord is Noodles#7767
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