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  1. Hello everyone, Our team would like to ask you some general questions about you and how you feel about PRO! We will take a look at all these answers individually, so please refrain from using foul language or adding off-topic comments. This thread will be moderated accordingly. [spoiler=Format] [b]Where are you from?[/b]: Lebanon [b]How old are you?[/b]: 23 [b]How much playtime do you have on PRO[/b] [i](including alternate accounts if any)[/i]?:832h [b]Has the game improved since you first joined? If yes, how?[/b]: yes more usable pokies and abilities and a new reigion sinnoh [b]Is there a staff member or player who you feel is underrated?[/b]:no [b]If you could change [i]one[/i] thing about PRO, what would it be (no restrictions, be creative)?[/b]: change the pvp battiling opponent to put them at least close rating to each other and thank you Where are you from?: How old are you?: How much playtime do you have on PRO (including alternate accounts if any)?: Has the game improved since you first joined? If yes, how?: Is there a staff member or player who you feel is underrated?: If you could change one thing about PRO, what would it be (no restrictions, be creative)?: Five players who answer these questions will be randomly selected for a Pokemon battle; if you win, you'll get rewarded something! If you're interested, please fill out your answers before October 11th, 2018 (in GMT) and be as detailed as possible. Players may only fill out this questionnaire once. If you are found attempting to bypass this rule through certain means, your entries will be removed and you may be subject to additional disciplinary action. Good luck and thanks for taking your time reading and answering this thread, Salty
  2. starting: 2m minimum raise :200k insta : 8m time: 3 days after first bid
  3. Thursday after this time with 1h45min
  4. it is less than i imagined by 1m but still it didn't end :) there is enough time left
  5. start bid with 6m insta 20m minium bid increase is 300k time bid ends 5 days after the starting offer The trade could be canceled if i didn't get the offer that i hope
  6. Pro name : meeee Discord name : meeee#4971 Favorite poke :dratini
  7. Is latios and heatran availabel in pvp
  8. Right he use spore on me 2 times and get my 2 pokemons sleep
  9. Is it legal in pvp to make 2 pokemons sleep
  10. Name : hiddan ( same chape of hiddan in Naruto shippuden) Text : who are you to disturb my work I will take your life and feed it to my pet wohaahahahaha You will resist... Ok i will eat your pkemon too Team: 1. Gengar 2.mismagius 3.chandelure 4.mega banette 5.gourgiest 6.cresselia If win nooooo how dare u i am dissolving If lose hahaha be my food
  11. Also what do u meen with discord
  12. Player name : meeee Old : 22 Most favorite poke: legendary : mew 2 Normal: charizard still trying to catch gd one Hours played: 137h Still sinnoh to go to finsh all badges
  13. Welcome even if I am also new in it
  14. Hello every one I have nw bieng playing this game for 58 h and still does not understand whats the advanteges of bieng in a guild thank u
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